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The Bordentown Library Trustees encourage anyone who feels that they would like to participate in our collection of Bordentown memorabilia to use the SHARE section on the homepage of the website to initially submit a suggestion of an item or items for our use. You will note on the SHARE page that we have enabled people to complete preliminary data for us to review. There is also a CONTACT button in the upper right-hand corner of that page which will lead you directly to an e-mail page.

After reviewing a suggested donation, the trustees will decide whether or not it is something that would be appropriate for our website and if so, you will be contacted as to how to provide this. Please be advised that no one will be asked to leave any documents, photographs, etc., with us. A mutually agreeable time and place will be established for a potential donor to bring items which at that time will be scanned and immediately returned to the owner. The donor may also provide any information regarding the description of the item which will then be placed along with the item's photograph on the website.

Acceptance or rejection of any item is at the discretion of the members of the Bordentown Library Trustees Association.

Top Left: Clara Barton School. 1936. Courtesy of Rick Ellis
Center Left: Students and Teachers from William McFarland High School, 1940's. Courtesy of Rick Ellis
Bottom Left: William McFarland High School Fire, 1942. Courtesy of Rick Ellis

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